1-on-1 marketing

Know exactly how customers move

The emergence of primarily digital touchpoints has led to a mountain of available data. This Big Data should enable better understanding and management of customers. Yet in practice businesses appear to find this more difficult than expected.

Our consultants help businesses translate their customer data into usable contact strategies. They do this through smart segmentations, Next Best Action marketing and Customer Lifetime Value modelling. This enables us to pinpoint where adjustments need to be made to realise future conversions.

Taking our clients by the hand to guide them through the digital world, we provide “old-fashioned” service values via modern day methods.

Media optimisation

Your campaigns can be 20% more effective

As an advertiser, how well do you actually understand the impact of your media expenditure? Media agencies and developers often fail to provide sufficient insights into return on investment. That’s why we thoroughly optimise these for our clients.

From TV and radio to online and direct marketing, we analyse the effectivity of all media channels. This frequently surprises our clients as display advertising and social media, in particular, don’t always appear to be assessed properly. An illustration of this being that some car insurances sell better during children’s programmes than during car programmes.

With our Campaign Modeller™, our consultants are able to optimise tomorrow’s campaigns. The result: an average 20% higher conversion rate.

Smart dashboards

See at a glance what needs to happen

We notice many businesses gathering and using relevant data in different places. This leads to marketers being awash with all kind of reports and inconsistent information. Our consultants are specialised in bringing this data together in dashboards which offer actionable insights.

Once the data has been collected from all the different sources, we set our econometric techniques loose on it. Our dashboards are then able to guide future results, at the same time as providing insights into past figures. The use of smart visualisations allows our clients to see exactly where to make adjustments.

Business consulting

Get our experts on board to achieve intelligent marketing

Our experts are available to strengthen existing teams or to take full responsibility for realising results for businesses who don’t have sufficient in-house capacity or expertise in data-driven marketing.

Databay’s consultants are experts in carrying out business investigations and generating actionable insights. Our clients value their result-oriented and hands-on mentality experienced when working together on projects and optimising business results.

Our consultants are passionate about data, technology and marketing. With a master’s in Econometrics or Marketing Intelligence, each applies their analytic proficiency to CRM, e-commerce, e-mail, mobile and media campaign projects.


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Who are we?

The overwhelming amount of information our era of big data produces is a fact everybody’s familiar with. But how it can be used to improve understanding and management of customers isn’t as readily known. That’s where we come in. Databay puts insights to work by helping leading national and international players, from all kinds of industries, create data-driven marketing strategies.

Databay is a team consisting of dozens of experienced consultants with a passion for data, technology and marketing. We would love to get to know you better to explain what drives us and how we can put this to use optimising your business.

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Databay wordt DDB Unlimited,
The performance agency.

Uit onderzoek onder CEO’s en CMO’s blijkt dat men veel meer grip op hun marketinginspanningen zoekt, en daarop wil afrekenen. Dit heeft geleid tot de oprichting van DDB Unlimited. Het eerste bureau met data in het hart dat performance garandeert. Klik hier voor meer informatie.